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Overview of our services

  1. Investment advisory
  2. Asset management
  3. Selection of the appropriate bank
  4. Monitoring of bank transactions
  5. Consolidation of securities accounts at different banks
  6. Company foundations*
  7. Tax consultancy*
  8. Insurance services*

* services covered by external specialists

What you are entitled to expect from us

I. Investment advisory/asset management

Are you aiming to safeguard family members, or retirement provisioning? Are you looking for asset preservation or asset growth? Do you even want to invest a portion of your assets speculatively? You are our client. The choice is yours! We provide you with personal, discreet advice. We take the time to provide investment consultancy, asset management or holistic support and comprehensive planning. Our goal is not to make a quick profit, but instead your long-term success! As we work together with many banks, an optimum network of relationships is available. Thanks to close contacts with the market, we closely monitor interesting and promising developments (mega trends), wherever these may arise. This also includes international financial markets. This comprehensive network enables us to optimise the performance of your portfolio on an ongoing basis, and to respond in good time to changes.

II. Financial consultancy

All of our employees have long-standing professional experience – including in the field of financial consultancy. For this reason, we not merely provide information, we also conduct joint analyses with the client in order to bring the financial environment into line with his or her individual situation. Money is a very personal matter. For this reason, mutual trust is one of the most important factors. You can count on us. For: Our network of relationships – all first-class specialists – is available to you for tax optimisation as well as for inheritance planning. Specialists who help us identify the optimum solution for you. Today and in the future.