Thilo Höllen

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Thilo Höllen


After completing a bank apprenticeship at Luzerner Kantonalbank, joined the Financial Training Team at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich, with work and language assignments in Luxembourg, Cambridge and Florence. Thereafter, 4 years working as a Portfolio Manager at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Lugano.

Following this, 14 years working for Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) AG in Zurich. Held the position of Managing Director, inter alia on the Board of Management of Rüd, Blass & Cie AG in Zurich, which had been acquired. 2008 – 2013 worked for Banque Pasche SA.

From March 2011, CEO of Banque Pasche (Liechtenstein) SA in Vaduz.

Partner at Faro Invest since 2014 as an asset manager, inter alia with responsibility for the German market. Holds the military rank of a Lieutenant Colonel.

German, English, Italian, French

Tennis, Skiing, Hiking, Motorcycling, Traveling