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Daniel Langenegger

Daniel Langenegger

Daniel Langenegger

+423 238 10 24

Born 1962. Swiss citizen. Married, 2 children. Basic business management training ("Betriebsökonom FH") supplemented by specialist training courses (AZEK) as a Financial Analyst and Asset Manager with Federal Diploma, as well as Financial and Investment Expert with Federal Diploma. Long-standing experience in the field of portfolio management and analysis of financial markets.

Before joining Faro Invest, spent 20 years working for LGT Bank AG, Vaduz in the field of asset management in the capacity of a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Partner at Faro Invest since 2009.

Responsible at Faro Invest for formulating investment policy, determining the strategic and tactical asset structuring, selecting and monitoring the investment instruments, performance checks and risk diversification, chairing the investment panel.

Hobbies: Financial texts, outdoor activities (mountain and ski tours, cycling, jogging).